Why we need feedback

Getting feedback from your guests is essential to gauge whether or not what you’re offering is right for your target audience. Whether it’s positive or negative and whether you agree with it or not it is key to your success.

So why is it then that so many businesses seem to ignore this fact?

Maybe part of it is that customers are often reserved about giving direct feedback. They take the view that it’s not worth making a fuss, or why should they bother, when they can vote with their feet and just not come back again. Others by pass you, but still want to be heard and post a comment on line.

Unless we get people’s feedback we can’t do anything about it.

What feedback do we need?

  • What things customers like – so you can keep doing them
  • What are the things that disappoint them or that they don’t like – so you can correct them
  • What are the things that make them choose to stay, dine or drink with you rather than your competitors – so you can use this as a selling point to differentiate yourselves
  • What are the things that are their biggest priority or they value the most – so you can promote them
  • How do they think you could improve – so you can make those improvements
  • What factors would encourage them to come again

Tomorrow we’ll discuss when to ask for feedback.