99 actions to fill your hotel with the guests you want – all the time

Image of the free reportDownload a FREE report by Hotel Success Handbook author Lucy Whittington for actions you can take right now to get the bookings you want for your hotel, B&B, holiday rental or guest accommodation.

In the report Lucy will:

  • show you how to get your web site working overtime for you as your best salesperson 24/7
  • explain how to attract more of the customers you want (and these might not be the customers you have now!)
  • demonstrate why you are a better choice than your competitors
  • change the way you think about how you ‘sell’ your hotel (hint: it’s a ‘holiday’ you are selling, not a room…)
  • give you lots of ideas to attract guests that don’t include cutting your prices
  • explain to you why your guest (and enquiries!) database is the most valuable asset you have
  • give you no-cost and low-cost ideas to ‘advertise’ your hotel you can action immediately

Image of a toast rackJust go to www.fullybookedhotel.co.uk and fill in your name and email address and you’ll get sent the report as a PDF by return