Philippe Rossiter

“Never before have hospitality managers, especially those running small businesses, been faced by such a complex environment in which to operate.

In addition to the traditional challenges of managing staff, observing sound financial controls and meeting the ever-increasing legislative requirements, they now have to consider their environmental impact and the  influence of technology within their businesses. At the same time, they are being exhorted constantly to improve their customer service levels, and all this against the backdrop of one of the worst recessions in living memory.

But help is at hand with the Hotel Success Handbook! Full of practical tips and advice, it is written in an easy style with the accent on providing useful and readily understood commentary on a wide range of sales and marketing ideas. Most importantly, it has been compiled for the industry by two authors who are from the industry, and who understand implicitly the needs of this sector. Devoid of sales and marketing jargon, this handbook is just what every manager needs ready to hand and to be dipped into regularly.  The Hotel Success Handbook is an essential addition the hospitality manager’s tool kit.”

Philippe Rossiter MBA FIH FTS, Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality