Ed Rivis

“Having immersed myself (some would say ‘obsessed’) with all things web marketing — and having written two Amazon 5-star rated books on the subject myself — I can safely say this book is essential reading for any hotel owner who wants to not just have a website, but have a highly-profitable web marketing strategy that will relentlessly work it’s tail off 24/7, all year round.

That the chapter on websites begins by explaining the critical importance of managing and being in control of your own website content (the words and pictures on every webpage) is something I hope readers take note of… it’s one area where so many small business and hotel owners go wrong. Not having the ability to edit their own web content is a major impedance to online success and Caroline and Lucy make a great case for using a Content Management System. That advice allow will both save and make a Hotel owner thousands (if not tens of thousand of pounds in additional bookings and extra revenues.
Also regarding the chapter on getting in the search engines… where I advise most small businesses to not worry too much about trying to get their website on Google and the other search engines — this is one instance where advice about ‘Local Search’ is vitally relevant for hotel owners looking to maximise the amount of prospective bookings they get through the web.

I can’t recommend this book highly enough for any hotel owner looking to maximise not just the results get from their web marketing, but their overall business growth and development through highly-effective, cutting-edge direct response and relationship marketing techniques.”

Ed Rivis, author of E-Mail Marketing Dynamite and The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy