David Curtis-Brignell

This is the book I always wanted to write. Like Lucy and Caroline, over the years I have talked to small tourism businesses on a range of marketing and customer service topics and I did once get as far as a title. Thankfully they got to page 265. It really is a ‘bible’ for the twenty-tens and I defy anyone to come up with something that is not between the covers that should be included. From discounting (don’t) on page 1 through creating your identity (do), maximising the effect of your website (do) to “traditional” marketing (don’t ignore what still works) – it may send some people into total panic if they think that they have to do everything, to be successful and do it now. They don’t. And the book is helpfully structured with each chapter highlighting action points, ending with a recap of the main points and with some additional authors’ comments.

Running a small business in tourism and hospitality just got a bit less scary.

David Curtis-Brignell, Chairman, The Tourism Society (2004-7)