This handbook provides all the relevant information for selling and marketing small hospitality businesses in an easy-to-read and easy-to-find format.

Bob Cotton, Chief Executive, British Hospitality Association

An indispensable tool for small hotel and accommodation business owners who want an accessible guide to both traditional and online marketing.

Dr Philip Alford, Senior Lecturer Tourism & Hospitality Marketing, Bournemouth University

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This is a great book to have around – like having a brainstorming team and personal business advisor constantly on hand.
A thorough and comprehensive guide.

Joy Huter, 5-star Bed and Breakfast owner

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I can’t recommend this book highly enough for any hotel owner looking to maximise not just the results they get from their web marketing, but their overall business growth and development

Ed Rivis, author of E-Mail Marketing Dynamite and The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy

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It really is a ‘bible’ for the twenty-tens and I defy anyone to come up with something that is not between the covers that should be included.
Running a small business in tourism and hospitality just got a bit less scary.

David Curtis-Brignell, Chairman, The Tourism Society (2004-7)

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Although I hate to admit it I learnt an awful lot and found it an addictive page turner.

Patrick Burfield, Award Winning Restaurateur and Hotelier

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Devoid of sales and marketing jargon, this handbook is just what every manager needs ready to hand and to be dipped into regularly.  The Hotel Success Handbook is an essential addition the hospitality manager’s tool kit.

Philippe Rossiter MBA FIH FTS, Chief Executive, Institute of Hospitality

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I wish I had had this book to hand when I started out
If you do not want to be the laughing stock of the next series of The Hotel Inspector you will want to read this book – from start to finish.

Thomas Dowson, B&B owner

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